Winter ’20 Release: Sales Cloud Edition

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Every year, Salesforce benefits from three major updates – the Spring, Summer, and Winter releases. With the Winter 2020 release right around the corner, we’ve already taken the liberty of publishing an overview to help you navigate through the changes. However, the specific improvements to Sales Cloud deserve a more in-depth look, so we’ve written this article to explain the new features. Check out what the Winter ’20 release has in store for Sales Cloud:

High Velocity Sales

  • Sales Cadence Branching allows managers to create cadences that split into different outreach steps based on previous steps’ outcomes
  • Reports based on engagement and sales cadence performance statistics
  • Prioritize records with third-party scores
  • Redesigned High Velocity Sales setup page

Einstein Improvements

  • The ability to add opportunity scores to standard reports and model factors to custom reports
  • SOAP API access to model factor information
  • Quarterly forecasting support to improve forecasting accuracy and performance tracking
  • You can now control which leads to score with Einstein Lead Scoring

Core Sales Features

  • Customization available for Opportunity Contact Role and Account Team
  • Sort quote line items and products (under an opportunity) in Lightning Experience
  • More options for product family forecasting in Lightning Experience
  • Improved reports and setup for territory information

Productivity Features

  • More control over Einstein Activity Capture configurations
  • Additional features available in email functionality
  • Added HTML tags for Lightning email templates
  • Access to customer history with archived activities in the activity timeline
  • Custom Caller ID available in Lightning Dialer


  • Integration with Gmail allows for logging reminders, tracking improvements, and scheduled email updates
  • Improved event syncing with Lightning Sync for Google
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook allows users to see the most frequently accessed object types when logging an email or event
  • Improvements to event syncing with Lightning Sync for Microsoft

Salesforce CPQ and Billing

  • Improve pricing guidance effectiveness by seeing if sales reps accepted or declined suggested discounts
  • Sort quote lines in the quote line editor
  • Improved performance when processing large quotes
  • Hosted Card Payments allows customers to send and save credit card information on Lightning pages and communities


  • Additional dataset in B2B Marketing Analytics for prospect demographic and engagement activity data 
  • B2B Marketing Analytics no longer a managed package – now available in Salesforce
  • Snippets allow text, image, and link content to be reused across campaign emails
  • Pardot landing pages, marketing forms, and marketing links now available to be customized in the Object Manager
  • Additional data types for engagement history metrics

Need Additional Help?

While we have covered many of the important changes to Sales Cloud above, we still recommend checking out the patch notes for complete coverage. And if you don’t have the time or resources to sift through those, we can always help you by answering any of your questions. Ntegro is available online for free consultations when you need additional assistance with any Salesforce-related content. We can address your specific concerns or give you an in-person overview of the Winter ’20 release. Get in touch today to talk to a member of our team!

Are you excited for the Winter ’20 release and the changes it will bring to Sales Cloud? If you have a feature you are anxious to try out, comment below!

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