Why us?

We know something about journeys. Accompanying startups in their journey toward consolidated growth and increased outreach is what we are all about. Being able to take part in that transformational journey makes us, quite simply, happy.

BKONECT’s own journey started in 2011. Since then we have served clients operating in many different sectors and of different scales, from not-for-profit organizations rooted in local communities to high tech companies of global reach, each with its own unique set of business objectives, operational requirements, and organizational structure.

Our passion for the customer journey, coupled with our knowledge and experience in Salesforce, make us the best at what we do.

Our Certifications

We work hard to keep ourselves up-to-date with recent platform developments and best practices, we renew our certifications periodically to assure our clients get the best service possible.

Our team members hold the following certifications:

Our Values

Our values drive everything we do in our day-to-day work.
We do our best to serve our clients, and sticking to these three values is what paved our way to sustainable success – our clients’ success is our success.


  • Integrity

    We love everything transparent because transparency is the key to true integrity.

  • Quality

    We love everything professional because professionalism is the key to true quality.

  • Customer success

    We love everything collaborative because collaboration is the key to true partnership.

Stages of engagement

  • Salesforce Discovery meeting


    At first, we figure out if we like each other. Our senior consultant will sit with your stakeholders for as long as it takes to go over your organizational structure and strategic objectives. It is the beginning of a continued listening process through which we ensure that the analysis and solution we offer fully corresponds to your needs.

  • Design

    Our business analysts take a deep dive into your business, your customer journeys, your partnerships and processes to decide the best way to implement the system. We leverage solutions available on the platforms for which you already pay for and find or develop others when needed. At the end of this stage, we provide a detailed design document tailored to you, so you understand and approve.

  • Salesforce Delivery process


    This is when our team brings the design to life. Using agile project management processes, we move the project to the finish line. Our team will make sure that not only the training material is ready but also that it fits your company culture. We help with change management and user adoption to make sure everything is used as it should be so that you can fully benefit from the new solution.

  • Salesforce Analytics


    We monitor and analyze key performance indicators to make sure we did everything to your satisfaction and in line with your envisaged strategy. We invite you to include employee and customer feedback to determine the next steps.

Giving back.

Our community work – click here to apply for pro bono work from our team.

Gil Zilberstein

How it all started – a word from the founder

I was working as a behaviour analyst at a center for kids with developmental issues when I was entrusted with building a customer relationship management platform for the center. Within six months my team built a system that completely transformed the way the center was working. It allowed us to track our client’s clinical progress and reinvent internal and external communications.

This project threw me into the world of business applications and showed me what kind of profound impact a system like Salesforce can have on an organization. I realized very early on that creating this positive transformation for other companies would be my mission. Ever since that transformative moment of my own I have been working on broadening my know-how as a business analyst, system integrator, and project manager to create a business that does not only live by my values but also has the kind of sweeping effect I experienced in that very first project.

Fast forward to the present, I remain as committed to finding solutions that will be transformative to your organization as I was back then – for every project, on every scale. Nothing less. BKONECT is founded on that commitment.