What Is Consumer Goods Cloud?

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Salesforce launched Consumer Goods Cloud in September 2019 as part of its initiative to introduce industry-focused products. In addition to Consumer Goods Cloud, Salesforce currently has several other industry products for banking, communications, government, healthcare, insurance, life sciences, manufacturing, media, nonprofit, retail, travel & hospitality, and wealth management. These products provide industry-specific functionality that allows users to excel in their respective markets. Because these industries operate with unique use cases, Salesforce has created individual products to address these needs. When it comes to the consumer goods industry, Consumer Goods Cloud aims to help customers with supply chain optimization and inventory management.

The Consumer Goods Industry

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Many of the stores that we frequent as consumers are part of the consumer goods industry. These companies sell goods intended for customer use rather than for manufacturers or industries. Common products within this industry include clothing, personal electronics, appliances, and food. Within this industry, consumer goods field reps strive to deliver the right products to the right stores at the right times. This is called retail execution. Before Consumer Goods Cloud, industry members relied on outdated systems and technology to optimize their supply chains. Spreadsheets and paper reports fueled travel routes and in-store merchandising decisions. As a result, expensive merchandising and marketing plans were being incorrectly translated to stores, and businesses struggled. Salesforce aims to change this with Consumer Goods Cloud.

Introducing Consumer Goods Cloud

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Consumer Goods Cloud places powerful tools in the hands of consumer goods field reps to optimize retail execution. By leveraging the Salesforce platform, this product enables field reps to:

  • Plan store visits – With Consumer Goods Cloud, field reps will have access to daily store visit schedules with priorities and suggested activities. They can also use the map functionality to plan their routes for maximum efficiency.
  • Enforce visit efficiency – During their store visits, reps can use their mobile devices to walk through their mandatory actions. They can refer to the app in order to perform inventory checks and process product orders. With this functionality, reps are able to plan their checklists based on store or segment types to make sure they don’t miss any steps.
  • Use AI for inventory checks and merchandising compliance – With Einstein Vision for Consumer Goods Cloud, field reps can minimize time spent on performing routine tasks. Simply by taking a photo of a store shelf, Einstein can immediately understand if it is set up correctly. Einstein can also make inventory easier with image recognition capabilities.
  • Process product orders – When it comes time to place additional product orders, a field rep can use Consumer Goods Cloud to place orders on their mobile device.

Consumer Goods Cloud enables field reps to plan and execute store visits with optimal efficiency. This tool revolutionizes retail execution by providing guidance and tools to bring the right products to the right stores at the right times. With the efficiency that this app provides, field reps can spend less time on operational tasks and more time building customer relationships. For more information and pricing, visit Salesforce’s Consumer Goods Cloud page.

Do You Need Help With Consumer Goods Cloud?

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If you are a consumer goods company that wants to learn more about implementing this tool, let us know! We have certified Salesforce consultants who can help bring Consumer Goods Cloud to your company. Experience seamless setup, integration, and rollout by coming to Ntegro with all of your Salesforce needs. As a Salesforce partner and team of experts, we can make Consumer Goods Cloud work for you. Contact us online today for a free consultation to learn how this tool can benefit your consumer goods business.

Do you have any further questions about Consumer Goods Cloud? Comment below and we will get you the information you need!

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