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For any business, creating client-facing documents can be a long, tedious, and repetitive process. Because documents such as invoices, proposals, or quotes all contain specific client-related information, they are manually compiled to avoid errors. At Ntegro, our invoices often contain different Salesforce packages, each with different rates and contract terms. Our quotes are also highly customizable, and they required lengthy time commitments that didn’t feel efficient. However, Weaver has since helped us streamline all document creation.

Easy Document Creation

As a Salesforce consulting firm, we track all of our client data within the platform. We store and maintain all special rates, discounts, packages, and other invoicing information within Salesforce. With Weaver, we can use this information to directly populate any client-facing documents. Rather than generating quotes, summaries, or invoices in a separate system, we can easily create them for any client using Salesforce data. By clicking a simple button, all relevant information from Salesforce can be merged into a document template. Complex deals with variable charges from month to month can normally be difficult to track, but because we keep all of this data in Salesforce, all of our documents are accurate and reliable.

Reusable Custom Templates 

When our team creates a template in Weaver, we can use it again and again for any customer we’d like. All we have to do is click a button and the Salesforce fields automatically merge into our custom template. For any particular document, all we have to do is create one template. We also have the design flexibility to format it accordingly, using our own branding colors and images. We like to remain consistent with our clients, and we use branded documents as one of many ways to show our professionalism.

Additional Applications Available

There are many different types of documents that Weaver can handle. You can create templates for quotes, SOWs, proposals, and even case studies. At Ntegro, we take extra care to make sure that all of our Salesforce data is up to date, and with Weaver, our documents inherit that data integrity.

Mendy Kurant is the CEO and co-founder of Ntegro, a Salesforce consulting firm helping growing organizations since 2017. Ntegro has since completed hundreds of projects, and they maintain a 9.7 customer satisfaction score on the AppExchange.

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