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Consistently voted the world’s #1 CRM, Salesforce can benefit any business if managed properly. But with so many different products and features, it can be difficult to find that optimal configuration. Over the next few weeks, Ntegro will be investigating several different industries to offer specific Salesforce tips and tricks.



This week’s article will focus on startups. Typically, startups are built around a solution to a problem and a product that facilitates that solution. These companies are new businesses with small teams and budgets. Team members often wear multiple hats to run the business, and a Salesforce admin may also have other tech-related roles. Nevertheless, Salesforce can still make a difference and help startups grow and scale as business increases. Some Salesforce features that may benefit startups include but are not limited to Salesforce Essentials (Sales Cloud/Service Cloud) and Communities.

Salesforce Essentials for Startups

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Because startups often revolve around a single product or solution, both Sales Cloud and Service Cloud are great for product sales and support. And while startups can purchase both separately, they can also use Salesforce Essentials, which combines them into one package. Designed for small businesses, Salesforce Essentials allows for sales cycle and case management for up to 10 users. At $25 per user per month, it’s a great solution for startups that aren’t ready for a more expensive commitment. Many startups won’t use all of Salesforce’s features, and Essentials grants them access to the necessary tools without the noise. Additionally, many businesses eventually move their CRM to Salesforce, and starting with Essentials makes this transition much easier.

Sales Cloud Essentials

As part of Salesforce Essentials, Sales Cloud Essentials focuses on the core Sales Cloud functionality. Some of the features offered include:

  • Opportunity, lead, account, and contact management
  • Access to reports and dashboards
  • Case management
  • Lightning app builder and app exchange

As a startup, a business is pushing for growth. Sales Cloud provides tools to help companies gain leads, contact them, manage relationships, and propel them through the sales cycle. With a 360-degree view of the customer all available within Salesforce, startups can close more sales with intelligent customer insights.

Service Cloud Essentials

Service Cloud Essentials also offers limited functionality compared to the full Service Cloud. Some of the included features are:

  • Access to the Salesforce mobile app
  • Case management
  • Web and email case capture and auto-response
  • Case escalation rules and queues
  • Lightning app builder
  • Custom profiles and page layouts

For startups, customer service is critical for companies without a reputation. Managing customer relationships can help an organization build its brand and retain clients at the same time. In the early stages of a company, this is especially important. Service Cloud contains tools that allow for easy case management and resolution so startups can be there when their clients need them the most. With excellent support services, startups can build on a solid customer foundation to experience future growth.

NOTE: While Salesforce Essentials is great for startups, the Professional and Enterprise versions allow for additional critical functionality for a successful business. We recommend making the switch as you scale and continue to grow.


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While Essentials is great on its own, adding on Communities can help startups get the most out of Salesforce. For many startups, hiring a large support team can be costly, and Communities can take the load off of their existing staff. Through the use of forums and articles, businesses can create self-service portals that allow users to find answers easily. Building a community is also a great way to retain customers by making them feel as though they are a part of something bigger. In general, Communities can benefit startups in two ways:

  • A portal where clients can log in and access product knowledge
  • A portal where partners can log in to manage a partnership

While not 100% necessary, Communities can still benefit startups willing to invest a little more into their Salesforce experience.

UpTop: An Ntegro Success Story

UpTop is a company focused on improving the rental experience for both landlords and renters. Their team of real estate marketers, property management professionals, and technologists is based our of New York, and they use Salesforce as their CRM. 

At Ntegro, we helped UpTop by integrating their rental platform to get all landlord, property, and lease data into Salesforce. From there, they could use Sales Cloud to understand their customers and potential clients better. For instance, by gaining insight into the number of properties each landlord manages, they can determine which landlords have the most to gain by using their rental platform.

Are You A Startup?

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If you’re a startup looking for a CRM, you need to strike a balance between cost and features. While Salesforce undoubtedly has the best features, it can come at a higher price point than other solutions. However, Essentials and Communities are great places to start scaling and expanding into other Salesforce products down the line. If you’re a startup looking for Salesforce help, contact the Ntegro team today. Salesforce is always easier to understand and manage with a partner, so get in touch online for a free consultation today!

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