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Salesforce is consistently voted the world’s #1 CRM, but companies need to manage it properly to experience its full potential. And while every company has its own configuration, industries can benefit from certain universal best practices. Last week, we covered the retail industry, and we are continuing our blog series by exploring SaaS companies this week.

A notable characteristic of SaaS companies is that much of their business is conducted online. Because Salesforce is also cloud-based, it’s very easy to integrate with existing business systems through supported APIs and integration methods. For SaaS companies looking to get the most out of Salesforce, Ntegro recommends exploring Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, CPQ, and Pardot.

Sales Cloud

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With Sales Cloud, SaaS companies can manage their entire customer lifecycle in one location. By integrating their internal systems and using Salesforce’s robust analytics capabilities, companies can leverage a truly 360-degree view of their customers. And while these analytics are available within the platform, they require some setup and customization to be used effectively. With Ntegro’s help, SaaS companies can analyze their customer data in order to target, market, and sell to other market segments. 

Service Cloud

Customer Service

With SaaS companies, online customer service is especially important because clients are generally tech-savvy. Service Cloud allows companies to manage incoming support requests through multiple channels in one centralized location with omnichannel support. By inserting live chat windows onto their websites and mobile apps, their customers can get in touch with a service representative at the click of a button. Companies can also create help menus for support pages and other web-based help tools to make customer support easier and more accessible. However, like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud requires an expert’s touch to get the most out of the platform. By partnering with a consultant like Ntegro, SaaS companies can take customer service to the next level.



When a SaaS company has matured and has a higher budget for infrastructure, CPQ can be a great tool for managing complex subscriptions. CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is a sales tool that companies can use to accurately track pricing. Rather than choosing a single price for their software, companies can use CPQ to add optional features, customizations, quantities, and discounts. SaaS companies can take advantage of this tool to customize their subscription process to reflect custom pricing. They can save time and resources by having a standardized price quote tool, rather than calculating new prices every time a customer wants to do business.


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As a tool, Pardot allows companies to track and measure communication effectiveness. As a part of Marketing Cloud, Pardot can provide insights based on user interaction with websites, emails, social media posts, landing pages, and more. SaaS companies primarily market and interact with customers digitally, and Pardot collects metrics with every interaction. This allows companies to leverage this information for future smart sales strategies. 

Yotpo: An Ntegro Success Story

Yotpo is a SaaS company offering an eCommerce marketing platform. When they began to grow from 30 employees to 200+ worldwide, they looked to implement Salesforce as their CRM.

Ntegro helped Yotpo by onboarding their team onto the Salesforce platform. We provided training and user adoption services to support and accelerate their future growth. Our team implemented solutions to deal with the different price books, packages, and pricing models that Yotpo was using. We also activated revenue scheduling and auto-renewal so they could manage their subscriptions and gain granular insight into their sales. With a partnership of over two years, we are proud to have them as part of our family!

Are You A SaaS Company?

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If you’re a SaaS company looking for help with your CRM, Ntegro can implement or optimize your Salesforce configuration. We can help you with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, CPQ, Pardot, or any other product that interests you. There are many benefits that SaaS companies can gain from using Salesforce in different ways, so let us guide the way! Get in touch online for a free consultation today!

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