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As the world’s #1 CRM, Salesforce helps businesses streamline their operations every day. However, it has many different uses and requires proper management to get the most out of its features. Over time, we at Ntegro have noticed that certain industries are able to take advantage of specific Salesforce functions. We’ve decided to share these bits of advice, and we’ve already covered the startups industry last week. This week, we will be focusing on the retail industry.

The Retail Industry

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The retail industry consists of companies that sell consumer goods or services to customers through storefronts or online shops. They can include anything from department stores to supermarkets, franchise stores, online merchants, variety stores, and much more. Typically, retail stores purchase goods from wholesalers and resell them to the general public. Because so much revolves around the sales cycle, we recommend that retail companies invest in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud.

Sales Cloud

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Sales Cloud was practically built for the retail industry. From lead creation to account conversion and opportunity closing, retail companies can manage their entire sales cycle within Salesforce. They can view sales trends and patterns to understand what sells and what doesn’t. Retail companies can manage quotes, orders, order fulfillment, and much more with the tools available in Sales Cloud. By collecting data on every sale, retail companies can develop strategies and tactics for additional growth. They can maximize impact with existing customers while using customer success stories to scale into the future.

Service Cloud

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Sales is nothing without service, so Ntegro recommends retail companies to use Service Cloud as well. Customer service is at the heart of every retail interaction, and Service Cloud allows service representatives to manage customer relationships. With omnichannel support, companies can address customer needs through multiple channels, making themselves available for support by any means possible. They can understand the customer completely and then use that information to provide positive experiences that make their customers come back for more. They can also use the 360-degree view of the customer to develop best practices for customer interaction in the future. Connecting customers with the resources they need is easy in Service Cloud, and retail organizations can use this simple system to create lasting impressions.

Commerce Cloud

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With Commerce Cloud, retail companies can create interactive online stores to bring their products straight to the customers. In fact, some of the largest companies use Commerce Cloud to manage their online stores. Adidas, L’Oreal, Godiva, and Ralph Lauren are some well-known names, but there are many others as well. This is because Commerce Cloud not only allows companies to create visually appealing online marketplaces, but it also leverages other Salesforce products. Live chat can be embedded to connect online customers to Service Cloud representatives. Marketing Cloud can send emails based on website interaction. And Einstein can customize the entire experience by optimizing site layout, product recommendations, and the complete online experience based on user profile.

Renegade: An Ntegro Success Story

Renegade Furniture Group is a retail company that started selling furniture online in 1999. Before consulting with Ntegro, they were using many different systems to manage their order processing. They wanted to consolidate their processes, and Salesforce was the answer.

Ntegro worked closely with Renegade to integrate all of its data into Salesforce. We built over 15 integrations to automate and streamline their manual processes. By moving their entire order management system into Salesforce, Ntegro was able to lower the time spent on repetitive manual tasks. Ntegro also supported and trained Renegade employees to help them use the new system, rolling our Service Cloud for the customer care departments as well.  With Salesforce, Renegade was able to bring everything into one centralized system, allowing them to spend more time on business objectives and less on manual order management.

Are You A Retail Company?

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If you are a retail company looking to leverage Salesforce for all of your internal operations, get in touch with Ntegro today. We can help you integrate all of your systems and data to improve productivity and help you grow. By using Salesforce and its different features, you can get the most out of your data with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, or Commerce Cloud. Get in touch online for a free consultation today!

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