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Trailhead is a great resource for startups looking to learn about the Salesforce platform. This free and interactive online learning environment is accessible and easy to use for even beginners. But with over 500 modules, it can seem like a lot at once. That’s why the team at Ntegro has put together this guide to the best Trailhead modules and trails for startups!

Quick Modules to Kick Start Your Journey


Modules are a quick way to learn some vital Salesforce skills. Check out these helpful ones for startups:

Salesforce Cloud Benefits – A great place to begin, this module only takes 10 minutes and will help you understand the benefits that Salesforce can bring to your business. It will introduce you to the modern business landscape and explain how Salesforce can help you close the customer gap.

Salesforce User Basics – This module is a bit longer than the first, clocking in at 1 hour and 5 minutes. It shows you how to get started with Salesforce for your startup and serves as a great introduction to the platform. From a business sense, this module can teach you how the cloud can impact your bottom line and improve internal collaboration.

Service Cloud for Salesforce Classic / Lightning Experience – Both Service Cloud for Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience are useful for startups. First, determine whether your organization is using the classic version or Lightning when choosing your module. In both cases, you will learn how to use the customer service and support application called Service Cloud. This is a robust application that allows you to manage both your customers and support team effectively. Service Cloud gives every customer interaction that personalized touch, and this module teaches the high-level details about how it works.

Extend your Salesforce Expertise With Full-Fledged Trails


Trails are much longer than modules and actually contain both modules and projects. For a deeper dive into certain topics, check out these helpful trails:

Grow Faster with CRM – This trail introduces Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud. While all three are vital for success, this trail provides overview and application of these apps. Learn how they can help you manage your business and give you a leg up on the competition. Increase productivity and make informed decisions with Sales Cloud, interact with your customers through Service Cloud, and build a digital marketing strategy with Marketing Cloud. While there are more detailed modules for each of these applications, this trail is a great place to start for a startup looking to make changes.

Admin Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced – Whether you are an admin or not, the admin trails can be useful to experience. Simply browsing through these trails can give you a sense of what functions are possible, while diving deeper will teach you how to actually perform all of the actions. We advise you to complete these trails in order because they build on each other. When you have finished all three, you will be able to perform advanced administrative tasks for your startup. These trails are rather long, but the information in them is invaluable. 

Innovate the Salesforce Way – In any business, innovation can drive success. This trail helps startups realize the potential impact that Salesforce can have on innovation. Here, you will learn methods to transform the customer experience and provide fresh ideas for future success. Discover how methods to gain a deeper view of your customers and determine which problems need solving. Build solutions and implement them to see a positive change in your business and its stakeholders.

Get Started with Lightning Experience – Lightning includes the newest iteration of Salesforce features, and it can be a game-changer for startups who implement it. With added functionality to the classic mode of Salesforce, Lightning is continually improved and modified with your needs in mind. This trail introduces you to the power of Lightning management, administration, metrics, experience, and implementation. With the skills taught in this trail, you can be a proponent for Lightning at your company.

Learn Salesforce Agile Best PracticesAgile has been a buzzword in technology for years, and it isn’t going anywhere. With Salesforce, this trail teaches you how to use the agile project management methodology to build value in your organization. Develop products on the platform that are able to address customer needs, no matter how often they change. Startups rely on customer satisfaction to keep their clients engaged, and this trail can help build a mindset that complements these goals.

Prepare for Salesforce Releases – Part of using Salesforce includes buying into its release schedule. As a cloud technology, Salesforce is updated on a regular basis, and this trail helps you manage change and prepare for updates. Having a strategy for every new release can reinforce your business’s momentum continuing your progress even as change is happening. It’s important to make the most of updates as they happen, as they can propel your success forward if properly managed. Learn how to harness the power of releases rather than having them surprise and hurt you by exploring this trail!

Consult an Expert to Learn More

If you are a startup looking to leverage the power of Salesforce for your company, Trailhead is a fun and easy way to get started learning. But if you have more advanced requirements, Ntegro offers its assistance for all Salesforce-related matters. Get in touch with us online for a FREE consultation, and we can help guide you in the right direction.

Are you a startup with experience using Trailhead? What are some of your favorite modules or trails? Share your experiences below!

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