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On Monday, June 10, Salesforce announced its plans to purchase Tableau Software. The acquisition will be made in the form of an all-stock transaction amounting to $15.7 billion, and both boards have agreed to the deal. Tableau Software will still operate independently under its own brand following the acquisition, but the combination of the teams will yield exciting opportunities. The deal is said to close during Salesforce’s third quarter, ending October 31, 2019.

What Is Tableau?


Tableau is an interactive data visualization company. Its products allow users to gain valuable insights by slicing and dicing data to help make business decisions. With an easy-to-use interface, Tableau makes data analytics accessible to many different organizations. By simply visualizing data and giving it a tangible form, it can be better understood and leveraged to fuel strategic choices. Tableau’s mission is to help people see and visualize data, and they have been largely successful in fulfilling this mission.

While Tableau’s products have historically been installed on-site, enterprises have started deploying Tableau Server in the cloud. Additionally, Tableau Online is a Saas version that is quickly gaining popularity. With several different products available, companies can pick and choose how to make the most of their offerings. The company currently has over 86,000 clients worldwide and is considered by many to be the #1 analytics platform available.

What Does This Mean Moving Forward?

looking forward

With Einstein Analytics already emerging as an invaluable data analytics tool, the addition of Tableau’s technology to the Salesforce suite will undoubtedly bring about even better functionality for users. With Salesforce’s resources, more time and energy can be put into Tableau product development to fine-tune the platform. The customers with the most to gain may be Salesforce users who have never used Tableau, as a whole new world of possibilities will soon open up.

Integrations and cross-development between Tableau and Salesforce will help Salesforce users see even deeper into their data. Combined with the AI-driven power of Einstein Analytics, the ability to easily visualize complex processes will allow businesses to make smarter, faster decisions. Marketers will gain rich insights from a 360-degree view into customer behavior, and Service Cloud users will be able to provide more informed assistance. In the end, both customers and businesses will benefit from the increased capabilities that Tableau and Salesforce will be able to offer. We are excited to see what lies in store once these two powerhouses join forces.


Are you a Salesforce administrator wondering what additional capabilities will become available after the acquisition? Are you a Tableau user wondering how Salesforce can leverage your data? Or are you a user of both products wondering if this deal will make things easier for you? If you have questions about this acquisition, look no further than the team at Ntegro! We are Salesforce consultants dedicated to making your experience with the platform as easy and profitable as possible. You can contact us online to set up a free consulting session.

What are your thoughts about this acquisition news? Are you excited to dive into Tableau’s increased BI tools? Leave a comment to let us know what you think!

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