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Bkonect is trusted among the industry leaders.

Here’s what some of our awesome customers have to say…


Nitay Gold
Nitay Gold
COO / Codescan ©
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SaaS professional and extremely organized. We had the pleasure to work with BKONECT on serval improvements for the CodeScan Salesforce environment. Since CodeScan is a SaaS-driven company, it was important for us to actively track the different drivers of a Saas company. Renewals/Upsell/Churn/etc. BKONECT understands well the business type. They listened to our pains and immediately came with tailored solutions to address our needs. During the implementation, we had bi-daily updates that contributed to a smooth deployment. We have been working with many System Integrators, but the experience with BKONECT was exceptionally good.
Neta Moreno
Neta Moreno
Business Applications Team Leader / Yotpo ©
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"As our company grew, we began featuring more product offerings. With these additional complexities, we needed a way to consolidate our data and gain insight into our performance.”
PetrosManager, IS Digital Communities / Coveo ©
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"We have been working with Bkonect for over a year now and their implication in our Community project has been instrumental. They have proven to be a very knowledgeable team of professionals dedicated to deliver on the expectations. Our initial project was the implementation of two, highly custom communities using Salesforce Experience Cloud, which we were able to deliver on time. This would not have been possible without the amazing people from Bkonect that worked tirelessly with us and our many stakeholders to ensure a successful launch. As such, they’ve become an integral part of our team and we look forward to our continued collaboration. They’re always up to take on any challenge and have the necessary expertise to support us in delivering constantly evolving projects. In short, Bkonect has the ability to provide the expertise and professionalism that will benefit any project, regardless of complexity or size."

Bkonect is trusted among the industry leaders

Here’s what some of our awesome customers have to say...

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