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Since Spring 2018, Salesforce Surveys has been available to help you collect feedback from your customers. Using a simple editor, it allows you to create detailed questionnaires that you can easily send to customers. The resulting data is stored in your org and can be used to create reports and dashboards. This knowledge into the inner workings of your customers can be incredibly lucrative. Read on to learn about Salesforce Surveys and how you can use it to supercharge your business.

Access to Salesforce Surveys


For Developer, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions…

  • With Health Cloud – Salesforce Surveys is available by default.
  • With Financial Services Cloud – Five free licenses for Salesforce Surveys are available.
  • Without Health Cloud or Financial Services Cloud – Salesforce Surveys are available for an additional fee.

NOTE: If you don’t have Health Cloud or Financial Services Cloud, your first survey is still available for no cost. Any additional surveys created after that will require a license.

Enabling Salesforce Surveys


Once you have the proper license, enabling Salesforce Surveys is incredibly easy:

  • Click Setup
  • Click Feature Settings
  • Click Survey
  • Click Survey Settings
  • Toggle the setting to Enabled

Survey setup

After enabling this function, you can set user permissions to give user groups the ability to Read, Create, Edit, and Delete surveys.

Creating a Survey


Creating a survey is also very easy. Just follow the guided wizard, and you will have no problem!

  1. Build your start page by adding a title and description for your survey.
    Survey Design
  2. Add some questions. There are many different types that you can add.
    1. Date – Select a date from a calendar
    2. Multiple Choice – Select multiple answers from the multiple given
    3. Radio – Select one answer from the multiple given
    4. Picklist – Select an answer from a dropdown
    5. Ranking – Rank two or more items
    6. Rating – Select a rating from a scale
    7. Score – Select a satisfaction score from a list of numbers
    8. Slider – Select a value from a sliding scale
    9. Text – Enter free-form text
      Survey Design 2
  3. Customize the survey’s “Thank You” page.
    Survey Design 6
  4. Finish working on your survey
    1. Click Save to continue working on your survey later
    2. Click Preview to review the survey
    3. Click Activate to activate it and be able to send it to participants

Sending Your Survey

Once your survey is activated, you can choose to send it to participants within or outside of your company. You can do this by clicking on the Send tab and then selecting Get Survey Link.

Send Survey

NOTE: If you want your survey to be accessible without a login, you must enable communities in your org, enable public access for your community, and select the community for generating public survey invitations on the Survey Settings page.

You can then copy the survey link and send it to your participants! Keep in mind that it may be a good idea to set an expiration date for your survey invitations if you want to control the time period in which you receive data.

Analyzing the Responses


The last tab on the builder is called Analyze, and it allows you to view the results of your survey. While this tab shows various different graphs and metrics related to the collected data, you can also create a custom report to dive deeper into your data. To do so, select Survey Versions as the primary object when creating a New Custom Report Type. Under the Survey Versions object, you can then select both Survey Question and Question Responses as related objects. This will give you more flexibility in visualizing your data.

Learn To Leverage Your Survey Data

A good understanding of your target audience is necessary to make smart business decisions. With the information you gather from surveys you can design more targeted campaigns, improve your products, and increase customer satisfaction.

If you need help tapping into the power of Salesforce Surveys, consider consulting with a professional. Here at Ntegro, we can help you design your surveys and questions to discover valuable information about your clients or internal workforce. Get in touch with us online today for a free consultation!

Have you been using Salesforce Surveys to learn more about your customers? Share some of your success stories below in the comments!

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