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Using AppExchange To Find Your Solution

In an earlier article, we recommended browsing through Salesforce AppExchange to find an integration solution before resorting to in-house development. This is because there are already so many solutions available and ready to install. But with so many solutions available, how can you find the integration solution that best fits your business case?

Salesforce-Approved Integration Applications


If you don’t want to search on your own, AppExchange actually has a list of popular integration apps that you can look through. We’ve chosen some of our favorites from this list to help you get started!

NOTE: This is not a sponsored post. None of the below applications have offered any kind of compensation to be featured in this article.

Integrating Between Separate Systems

These applications easily allow Salesforce to access data in other systems.

Zapier can help you connect Salesforce to hundreds of popular web apps. These connections, called Zaps, automate your workflows by performing repetitive tasks for you. By linking multiple Zaps together, you can trigger multiple actions based on a single event, automating your pipeline and saving precious time.

Jitterbit Harmony comes with pre-defined integration templates that can help you integrate Salesforce with over 1,000 popular applications. This tool is designed for non-developers, allowing powerful integration without the necessity for complex coding.

SnapLogic is not only free, but it is also versatile. With over 450 pre-built connectors, SnapLogic works with some of the biggest applications. With it, you can easily connect multiple data sources together without custom coding.

Exporting Or Importing Data To And From Salesforce

These applications allow you to import, upload, update, or delete data to or from Salesforce.

Jitterbit Data Loader is a free, fast, and easy solution that requires no coding at all. The entire process can be done through a guided wizard. This data migration tool allows you to automate data imports and exports between flat files, databases, and Salesforce/ is an entirely cloud-based free solution for quickly importing, exporting, or deleting data in Salesforce. It is easily accessed with your Salesforce credentials, and it allows you to schedule imports and exports on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Simba ODBC Driver enables you to access, analyze, and report on data with various SQL-based tools. Whether you prefer Excel, Tableau, or another application, Simba offers full SQL 92 compliance. This can all be done without any data extraction, meaning it is able to access the data directly for real-time analytics.

Single Purpose Software Integration

These applications allow you to easily connect Salesforce to an individual point solution.

zAgileConnect for Jira is a powerful tool that allows for robust Jira functionality within standard and custom objects. With this application, you can promote easy exchange of ticket information such as comments and files between Salesforce and Jira. This can easily improve SLA compliance and customer satisfaction for cases!

eShopSync for WooCommerce allows you to easily integrate WooCommerce and Salesforce. While this app is free, further functionality can be purchased if necessary. This app can create links for real-time order synchronization and shipment tracking as well as field mapping for products, users, and orders.

webMethods Salesforce Adapter connects Salesforce to tools such as SAP, Oracle, or Mainframes. This code-free integration tool requires no coding with its wizard driven interface. Easily integrate Salesforce with your in-house IT investments!

If None Of These Seem Like What You Need…


It’s incredibly easy to use the different filters on AppExchange!

The search bar is front and center, and it is the best tool you have if you are looking for something specific. On the navigation menu just below the search bar, you will also find two sections titled “Product Collections” and “Industry Collections.” By looking at the Product Collections, you can find apps that extend the functionalities of popular Salesforce products such as Sales Cloud or Einstein Analytics. On the other hand, Industry Collections is the place to view apps that have been categorized into your specific industry.

Lastly, in the left column, you can filter by price, edition, ratings, features, languages, and a few other miscellaneous criteria. It’s as simple as checking the boxes you want to apply to your filter and then clicking Apply Filters. You can also change between searching through all apps, popular apps, free apps, or new apps.

Just The Beginning

With so many other apps available on AppExchange, if you need further support, Ntegro is here to help. We have helped countless clients find what they are looking for, even if it involves building something specifically for them. If you are interested in learning what we can do for you, contact us online or check out some of our case studies on our website.

Have you found an app on AppExchange that works for you? Share your story in the comments! Stay tuned for next week’s article diving deeper into our past integration successes!

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