Everything You Need To Know About The Summer ’19 Release

For Admins

Summer ’19 Highlights

Release notes can be long intimidating, so we’ve simplified some of the major updates here!

Note: While this summary will be helpful, we still recommend checking out the full release notes when you have time or using them as a reference for your organization.

General Updates

  • Because Lightning Experience is being turned on for all orgs in Winter ’20, Salesforce is releasing tools to help with the transition. In this release, you can use the Lightning Experience Transition Assistant tools to ready your organization for change. The switch to Lightning is unavoidable, and these transition tools can help you prepare.
  • Enhanced Related Lists allow you to show up to 10 columns, perform bulk actions, wrap text, and sort:
    Related List FilterYou can also use quick filters in your related lists to quickly find the information you are looking for:Enhanced Related List Page Setup
  • Lightning Scheduler can be used for appointment scheduling, event management, action plans, Salesforce Surveys.
  • Salesforce Surveys can be sent for free with payment being required after exceeding a threshold of responses. Custom email invitations allow increased character limits, response options, and comments. Quality of life improvements to surveys will make them easier to use on mobile devices as well.
  • Increase in items shown in item menus from three to five.
  • Improved search results. Searches will be more relevant to the way your users act.
  • Lightning Experience header now hidden when you print from your browser.


  • Access to global prediction models for all customers. If you don’t have enough local data to make predictions, you can check out the general trends worldwide.
  • Increased support for quarterly forecasting. Ability to segment data for filtering and sorting.
  • Quicker bot set up.
  • Einstein insights for more core Salesforce applications.


  • Activity Metrics allows Einstein Activity Capture to compile more activity data.
  • Customizable product schedules allow you to create and support detailed sales processes.
  • Einstein Campaign Insights can help you locate overlapping prospect traits for leads engaging with your campaigns.


  • Smarter routing features to connect users engaged in bot conversations to the right experts.
  • Long term Gantt charts available with drag and drop scheduling for better management:
    Gantt Chart
  • Skills-based routing available through easy interface.
  • Quality of life changes for better case handling.


  • Row-level formulas available on all report records:
    Add formula

    Formula Editor
  • Set conditions and receive notifications when they are triggered.


  • New API enhancements for better development.
  • Improvements to the Salesforce Mobile Publisher for Community Cloud.
  • List view enhancements and customizations.


  • Offer users training and learning with your own company content.

Where Can I Read The Release Notes?


If you want to see the entire Summer ’19 release notes, they can be found in a variety of different formats:

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Salesforce Release Notes are always long and detailed. The team at Ntegro is here to help you understand the upcoming changes! If you have any questions, let us know, and we will do what we can to help you. Contact us online and we will be in touch!

Are you excited for the Summer ’19 Release? What features are you looking forward to most? Comment below to share your opinions!

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