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With Dreamforce 2019 concluding last week, the Salesforce community is buzzing with excitement. The opening keynote touched upon many new innovations, and all additional keynotes built upon that foundation. In this article, we will be exploring the Einstein Keynote titled, “Your AI Journey Begins Here.” During this presentation, several Salesforce team members covered the different applications that AI will improve moving forward.

Einstein’s Two Major Categories

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Historically, Einstein has been divided into two categories – for Salesforce Users and for Salesforce Admins. Within each of these categories exists several applications that use AI-powered insights to improve organization performance. Einstein does this by helping companies directly with their decision-based use cases. Let’s learn more about the different ways that AI is helping businesses today.

Einstein For Salesforce Users

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This category includes Einstein applications for all Salesforce Clouds:

  • Commerce Cloud includes product recommendations and predictive for eCommerce sites as well as the new Einstein Designer. Designer creates unique online experiences for users by tapping into profile data and other successful online stores.
  • Marketing Cloud includes engagement scoring, recommendations, and the new Einstein Content Selection. Content Selection uses artificial intelligence to optimize email content for each individual recipient.
  • Service Cloud includes bots, case classification and routing, and the new Einstein Article Recommendations. This new feature surfaces relevant knowledge base articles to service representatives to cut time closing cases.
  • Sales Cloud includes lead and opportunity scoring, forecasting, and the new Einstein Call Coaching. Call Coaching optimizes sales calls by providing sales representatives and managers with AI-powered insights for training and development.
  • Einstein Search is a new feature that personalizes search results based on user profiles. It supports natural language filters and showcases actionable steps to complete tasks related to search queries.

Einstein For Salesforce Admins and Developers


This Einstein category enables admins and developers to build AI-powered applications.

  • Einstein Vision includes image classification, object detection, and the new OCR (optical character recognition). OCR is able to identify text contained in any image in order to create Salesforce records.
  • Einstein Language includes intent, sentiment, and translation functions. Intent can now classify intent in multiple languages. Additionally, developers can now deploy all of these features with just one line of Apex.
  • Einstein Prediction Builder allows admins and developers to create predictions without a single line of code. Additionally, Salesforce is now offering one free prediction for all organizations.
  • Einstein Discovery combines AI and analytics to create predictions and perform live model monitoring.
  • Einstein Next Best Action includes a new feature called Recommendation Builder. It provides an easy-to-use drag and drop interface for admins and developers to build custom recommendations.

New Developments To Einstein Voice


In addition to new developments in its two core categories, Einstein Voice touches all users, admins, and developers. Simply by saying “Hey, Einstein,” users can request information and perform actions within Salesforce. And all of this is possible through the new Einstein Voice Skills. This feature allows any admin or developer to add functions without writing any code. They can embed these functions, called “voice skills,” into employee applications and deploy them to different mobile devices. From there, employees can update, create, and read data from Salesforce simply by speaking their request. 

Miss Something?

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With all of the keynotes taking place last week, it’s understandable if you missed something important. But never fear – Ntegro is here to guide you through all of the new features and changes! We’ve been paying close attention to all of the Dreamforce 2019 announcements, and we can walk you through any of the talks you may have missed. Reach out to us online to request a free consultation. Just let us know how we can help!

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