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Commerce Cloud offers full functionality for creating both B2C and B2B ecommerce sites. In fact, the range of features for both markets is so large that we have split our Commerce Cloud tips and tricks guide into two parts! This article will focus on some helpful hacks for using B2B features to create sites that are simple and convenient to use.

When creating a B2B ecommerce site, the priorities are much different from B2C sites. This is because B2B site audiences are usually already defined. Businesses have detailed contracts drawn up with buyers that must be honored through B2B ecommerce sites. Rather than prioritizing conversions, B2B sites prioritize ease of use and repeat use because B2B customers often purchase often and in large quantities. In order to do this, we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks below!

Enable Quick Ordering

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Because your B2B customers already have an agenda in mind when they visit your site, it is your job to make its completion as easy as possible. With B2B Commerce, you can set up your checkout process to allow customers to reorder past orders or clone them to make edits. With many orders clocking in at thousands of items, this can save your customers a lot of time. Imagine completing an order in just a few clicks because you’ve already ordered it before or cloning an order and making the changes you need instead of starting from scratch. The time and cost savings can make working with your provider a real asset.

Work With Your Sales Reps

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While your sales representatives can help you set up your B2B site with each customer’s specifications, you can also help them out with data and metrics. With B2B relationships, success or failure is often determined by the level of personalization that a sales rep can offer. With a Commerce Cloud site, you can collect data on customers to educate sales reps so they know exactly how to personalize each and every interaction with their clients. Having a holistic view of the customer can improve the one-to-one buying experience, and customers are sure to feel the difference.

Integrate With Salesforce Services


Because B2B Commerce is built natively on the Salesforce Lightning Platform, it easily integrates with Sales, Service, Marketing, and Communities. By capturing commerce data through these different platforms, businesses benefit from 360-degree customer profiles. This can be helpful for customizing customer accounts with promotions specific to their individual needs. B2B lets you offer different prices based on customer accounts, but you can take it a step further by offering promotions to loyal customers based on their purchase history. Take personalization to the next level by offering what your customers need before they know that they need it. 

Personalization, Personalization, And Personalization


When it comes down to it, personalization has an enormous impact on B2B relationships. While individual customers account for a small part of B2C revenue, each client makes up a large percentage of B2B profits. Because each B2B client has the potential to purchase large amounts of goods or services, it is incredibly important to make them feel like they have your absolute focus and attention. Design dashboards and reports to give insight on each customer. This information can be used for in-person sales efforts or for creating personalized online experiences on your B2B site. Customers will notice when you and your sales team have a real-time understanding of their business by the level of customer service you are able to provide!

But data isn’t one-sided. You can give your customers access to their data as well so they can view all account information on the site. Your business gains insights on leads, opportunities, and cases while your customers can see accurate and transparent products, prices, and promotions that are designed specifically for their account. Appealing to individual customer needs has never been easier!

Contact Ntegro For Further Support

Ntegro is here for you if you’d like to build a B2B site from the ground up. We can advise and work with you to create a seamless experience for your business partners. Improve customer satisfaction by streamlining complex processes and making ordering easier. You can get in touch with us online to set up a free consultation call! Tell us about your situation and we will let you know how we can help!

Have any other tips and tricks for using Commerce Cloud for B2B sites? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts!

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