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The Salesforce IdeaExchange allows users to directly impact the Salesforce roadmap. Three times a year, product managers review requests and publish a list of potential features based on feasibility and popularity. Users, who are each allotted a 100-coin “budget,” vote to back the features they’d like to see in upcoming patches. The most popular features are then accepted and scheduled for a future release.

September 2019 marked the pilot cycle for this Prioritization, and the winners were announced just last week. In this article, we review the three features set for delivery. You can view the full descriptions and vote for your own favorite ideas on the IdeaExchange.

1. Auto Add New Custom Fields to Report Types

Coming in first place, this feature is scheduled to be part of the Spring ’21 Release. In short, this will allow users to choose whether a new field should be added to any or all Custom Report types that already included the corresponding object. Users can choose this during new field creation.

2. Link Campaigns Directly to Accounts

This feature placed second and is expected to be available as part of the Spring ’21 Release. Prior to this feature, users could only link Campaigns to Leads and Contacts. However, many businesses wanted to be able to do and track this with Accounts.

3. Admin Control over Top Search Results

The third place winner will be part of the Spring ’21 Release. Global Search is constantly being improved, and this feature will allow admins to control which objects show up in the “Top Results.” In addition to analyzing search behavior in order to determine which objects to display, users found that manual admin input could also benefit their organizations.

Get Involved In The Next Cycle!

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The next Prioritization cycle starts on January 20, 2020, so visit the IdeaExchange to get involved! And if you’d like to learn more about how this process works, let us know. The Ntegro team can walk you through registration and voting so you can make an impact on the Salesforce Roadmap. Contact us online for a free consultation, and we can get started!

Did you vote for the winners? Were you hoping for different winners? Let us know in the comments!

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