An Introduction To Service Cloud

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Service Cloud is Salesforce’s native customer service and support solution. With this application, your support team can address customer needs directly and reliably. Whether issues are submitted through email, phone, chat, or other communication channels, Service Cloud consolidates customer cases for easy and efficient response. This gives your support team a 360-degree view of the customer so they can personalize responses for maximum customer satisfaction

Service Cloud elevates customer service by allowing flexibility with customer case submission while simplifying the backend for your support technicians. This not only allows customers to submit their cases through their preferred channels but also allows technicians to quickly respond to cases for rapid resolution. And on top of everything, Service Cloud customization can all be done without any coding.

The Service Cloud Service Console

Service Console

At the heart of Service Cloud is the service console. This is the main application that support technicians can use to view and handle customer cases. The console can be easily customized and serves as the central hub for all cases to be assigned and resolved. Not only are case details available here, but all customer data is linked from different objects to give a complete 360-degree view of the customer in question. Technicians can easily access data about accounts, contacts, products, and other relevant information to quickly get up to speed on the background of a case.

The console has a tab-based navigation layout designed for data transparency and easy access. With tabs, the support team can easily view data about a case without having to load multiple pages. Designed for speed, Service Cloud can also be customized to your organization’s preferences. You can choose to add or remove parts of the page layout to streamline the process for your team. This app was built with customer satisfaction in mind, and nothing says satisfied customers more than quick resolutions!

Multi-Channel Intake


Service Cloud also allows for flexible customer case intake. Every customer has a different preferred method of case submission. Some customers may prefer email while others lean towards phone calls, website forms, or social media. Service Cloud has options to sync all of these different channels to the service console. This way, customers can choose how they interact with your service team, and your service team doesn’t have to learn different systems to respond to customers. The service console is your central hub for customer support.

Automation Options


Automation is another way that Service Cloud enables rapid resolutions to customer cases. When cases are submitted, they should be routed to the best technician for the job. This can be done by creating work queues designed for specific case topics. Cases can be routed to specialized teams based on the customer need and the matching team specialty. Furthermore, they can be sent to specific individuals based on workload or skill sets.

You can also enable escalation rules so cases that have not been resolved in a certain amount of time are escalated to someone capable of a quick turnaround. Fulfilling SLAs and customer expectations has never been easier! Furthermore, automatic responses and response templates keep your customers in the loop as cases progress. Transparency is important for customer satisfaction, and automated transparency leaves your team available to work on cases while customers stay updated.

Building a Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

As your company begins to take on more and more cases, there will undoubtedly be redundancy in the case queue. With Salesforce Knowledge, you can store frequently used solutions that will help your team quickly close cases. The knowledge base can be used by both support technicians and customers looking for answers. Your support team can use it to find answers to issues that have been solved by other technicians while customers can search for answers on their own before logging a case. You can also send customers to a specific knowledge base article as part of the process of helping them solve a problem.

More Questions About Service Cloud?

If you have more questions about Service Cloud or want direct assistance with the application, get in touch with the team at Ntegro today. We offer FREE consultations if you contact us online, and we can help you with anything that you need. You can also check out our guide on quick tips and tricks here!

Have you been using Service Cloud and have some quick tips to help others out? Share them below to get involved!

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