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As part of the Salesforce Customer Success Platform, Marketing Cloud provides tools for customer engagement across the entire consumer journey. Whether it relates to marketing, sales, commerce, or service, Marketing Cloud allows multi-channel personalization to create lasting customer impact. It uses Salesforce data to create comprehensive customer profiles that businesses can use to target engagement efforts. And in the end, it offers metrics and reports on campaign effectiveness to measure impact and increase ROI over time.

The platform is comprised of ten different products that can be grouped into four distinct buckets: messaging and automation, data and advertising, social media, and measurement and analytics. Using products from all four buckets, companies can effectively execute digital marketing strategies for increased customer engagement.

Messaging and Automation


(Products include Email Studio, Mobile Studio, Journey Builder, and Interaction Studio.)

This bucket helps companies manage communication across different marketing channels. With Email Studio, you can personalize and optimize emails with AI-powered insights. Scale email communication by using templates to increase engagement by sending the right messages at the right times. Similarly, Mobile Studio drives mobile engagement with relevant text messages, chat app messaging, and mobile application notifications. Both products use Salesforce data to deliver customized personal communications to customers during optimal engagement windows. 

These windows can be programmed through the Journey Builder, which allows you to map out different customer journeys and the communications sent at each step. Different customer profiles can be assigned different journeys, which are easily customizable through a drag-and-drop interface. With this product, you can design a user’s story and designate key times when they will receive notifications to promote customer engagement. A user’s journey position can then be tracked through Interaction Studio, which allows for real-time customer updates and behavioral insights.

Data and Advertising


(Products include Advertising Studio, Audience Studio, and Data Studio.)

This bucket allows companies to target marketing efforts at specific custom audiences based on data collected about stakeholder subsections. Advertising Studio uses Salesforce CRM data to deliver the right information to the right customers at the right time. Advertising Studio targets customer segments with relevant ads to encourage engagement and inspire purchases. It can raise brand awareness for leads, onboard newly acquired customers, promote products to current customers, and reengage inactive customers who may buy again.

Advertising Studio works closely with Audience Studio, which aggregates consumer data from different sources to create customer segments. Businesses can target these segments through personalized ads to optimize marketing campaigns, predict behavior, and increase sale percentages. Lastly, Data Studio works in the data and advertising bucket by providing a data sharing platform for marketers, brands, and publishers. It provides a secure environment where data sellers and buyers can make exchanges that benefit both parties. Marketers can gain additional insights from reliable data while data owners profit by granting controlled access to their assets.

Social Media

Social Media

(Products include Social Studio.)

This bucket helps companies with social media management by listening to digital conversations and engaging audiences interested in their brand. By carefully monitoring social channels, Social Studio helps by lowering response times to complaints. Address customers in real-time by using the data gathered through this product to fix customer issues and increase satisfaction.

 Additionally, businesses can use Social Studio to create approval rules, ensuring that all published social content has passed a series of inspections before going live. If done correctly, social media is an important tool that businesses can use to drive customer engagement.

Measurement and Analytics


(Products include Datorama and Google Analytics 360.)

These products inform companies about what is and isn’t working across all marketing efforts. Datorama provides a centralized system that records and tracks customer communications. Marketers can pull real-time data from this system to avoid creating customer journeys with multiple disconnected communication attempts. By viewing AI-powered insights and dashboards, companies can keep track of customer journeys to create seamless, personalized, and effective communication strategies that focus on customer satisfaction.

At the same time, Google Analytics 360 collects data from the customer journey to measure impact. You can use this product to gain insight into email, website, and mobile app effectiveness by measuring clicks, purchases, conversions, or other key performance indicators (KPIs). It provides detailed and customized reports on which channels and tactics are bringing in the most profits.

Putting It All Together

While all of these products are effective on their own, the real magic happens when they work together and connect to other Salesforce clouds. If you’d like advice for implementing Marketing Cloud with your business, the team at Ntegro has experts here to help. We can help you create entire experiences for your audiences, starting with general interest ads and ending with loyal customer satisfaction. 

By integrating Marketing Cloud products with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, we can help you create 1-to-1 customer engagements that last for years. If you want to learn how, get in touch with us online for a free consultation, or get started with our tricks and tips guide coming out next week!

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