An Introduction To Community Cloud

For Admins,For Executives

Community Cloud is an online platform used to create sites, portals, and forums for connecting customers, partners, and employees. Because it is built on the Salesforce platform, it has access to Salesforce data and records, and it can be further integrated with third party systems. Community Cloud allows for real-time collaboration between stakeholders to streamline business processes and reduce inefficiencies. Although there are many ways that Community Cloud can be used, some of the most popular are:

  • Customer Service and Account Portals
  • Partner Relationship Management
  • Internal Employee Resource Portals

By building sites with Community Cloud, companies can create single points of contact with stakeholders for information distribution and management. And you can do all of this without writing any code! Site templates and easy drag-and-drop design make Community Cloud accessible for all audiences. 

What Is A Community?


Simply defined, a community is a group of people who share a mission or a goal. By carefully defining a community’s parameters, a business can use Community Cloud to provide space for community activities. Create a community where customers can answer each other’s questions, search a knowledge base, or get help from a support technician. Share training materials with partners to create better marketing results. Or build a portal for new employees to complete onboarding activities, manage their benefits, and work closely with HR. You can create multiple communities for specific needs, and you can customize each with their own access settings for complete privacy and security.

Engaging Customers, Partners, and Employees


All communities can be branded and personalized for different types of users. Customers can create support cases, partners can update opportunities, and employees can share files easily through different interfaces accessible from any device. By using the Salesforce app or any mobile browser, users can easily access multiple communities, whether they are in an office or on the road. 

Different users can access different communities, all powered by the Salesforce platform. This means that businesses can leverage all Salesforce features and capabilities to create a seamless user experience. Cases, knowledge base, dashboards, reports, and files are all fair game when it comes to designing a community. And with premade templates, community portals can be rapidly deployed for immediate use.

How to Determine If Community Cloud Is For You

There are many situations where Community Cloud can provide solutions. To find out if you are dealing with one of them, simply define your community’s needs. If they involve peer-to-peer support, information access, or business processes already handled in Salesforce, then you are on the right track. Community Cloud can help accelerate channel sales, measure partner performance, boost employee productivity, and much more. If you need more clarification about using this resource, Ntegro can help you with a targeted solution. We are available online and offer free consultation calls for interested businesses.

Have you used Community Cloud to build a successful community for your business? Tell us your story by leaving a comment below!

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